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Studia Generalia | Angus Donald Campbell

With reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this Studia Generalia lecture by Angus Donald Campbell will explore some of the complexities faced by designers attempting to design with the underserved in South Africa — one of the most unequal societies in the world.

Studia Generalia | Josina Vink

This lecture will challenge some of the existing assumptions about service design and present an alternative understanding of service design called “service ecosystem design”. With examples from the context of healthcare, this talk will bring to life a more systemic approach to service design that can help to support long-term change.


Reuniting despite of exceptional times! REUNION orrganised in the Oactober 6th is an open event considering the future of design education and collaboration between the Finnish design schools.

Design degree shows under corona

At the university level schools, spring is a golden time for theses. Tranditionally design schools has organised exhibitions presenting the great works of graduating students. Because of these exceptional times the exhibitions are needed to cancel or organise differently. In this article we are going to collect all the virtual design thesis exhibitions around Finland.