Design degree shows under corona

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At the university level schools, spring is a golden time for theses. Tranditionally design schools has organised exhibitions presenting the great works of graduating students. Because of these exceptional times the exhibitions are needed to cancel or organise differently. In this article we are going to collect all the virtual design thesis exhibitions around Finland.

April 28th – May 31st
Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen: -30%Master of Art thesis / University of Lapland
May 8th – July 4th
Versot 2020The traditional degree show of the graduating designer’s from the Turku UAS now in a virtual form.

May 11 th – 15th
SpectrumLAB / Institute of Design Theses Exhibition

April 28th – May 31st 2020

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen: -30%

This media installation comments about unsolved salmon mass deaths in Tornionjoki river, in Finnish Lapland. Authorities have trouble finding answers why these deaths occur but phenomena has been reported in Tornionjoki area since 2014. Media has named salmons affected by this deadly phenomena as “zombie salmons”, because fish get sick, move slowly, have infected ulcers and water mold on their skin and result of this condition is always death. Authorities seem to act slowly to detect reasons for this. There is not enough funding to take active measures. Should we respond to this simply by cheapening the value of fish? Discounted for being in damaged package or ending up as deserted product? What is the value of the clean, natural salmon in Finnish rivers? “-30%“?

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen is a media artist, photographer and independent filmmaker from Lapland, northern Finland.

The work is available online at until 31st May 2020.

May 8th – July 4th 2020

The virtual Versot spring degree show now open!

Versot is an annual exhibition of the graduating design students from the Turku UAS. The exhibition presents thesis works. There will be open workshops organised at the event where everyone are able to participate and learn about design.

The main goal is to present the thesis works and to increase the visibility of designers and the overall knowledge about what is design.

The exhibitioan is open from the May 8th to July 4th and it’s part of the Turku Design Festival organised in December.

Versot 2020 is available at:

Opening week May 11th – 15th

The degree show of the Institute of Design will open its door fully virtually on Instagram @mi_degreeshow.

The Spectrum Degree show organised on Instagramissa presents the various skills from the Institute of Design. The opening week iis organised from 11th to 15th May when new works are going to be published every day at 10am. Evening shows start at 6pm.

Happening at the opening week

On the Wednesday 13th and the Thursday 14th May we are going to warm up and admire the already published works of graduating students. The official opening party is n Friday 15th May.