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Spring Forum 2020 is a two-days event for design students where the aim is to consider the meaning of designers for the future and how designers are able to create a meaningful future. Due to this exceptional time the event will be arranged in a new kind of virtual hub space called Design Space.

Design Spring Forum 2020
16th & 17 th April 2020
@ Design Space, virtual hub

Compared to the original plan for this event this virtual space offers more flexibility for the schedule from the visitor’s point of view. The event is accessible anytime during these two days. The content pre-recorded (except the discussions) so it will be there for you any time.

The event is full of interesting beforehand produced content form keynotes to exhibitions which are spread to three unique space. There will be also scheduled discussion session in both days where we invite everyone to share their thoughts!

The content is mostly in English.

Discussion schedule and topics

Thursday at 14–15

Opening discussion

How to create a meaningful future? What’s the point of being a designer in the future? Pioneering discussion session for students and professionals. Have a coffee break and come to test how this kind of discussion works.

Friday at 12–13

Lunch time discussion

What could Ornamo do for you? Come to meet Ornamo staff and network with other students. 

Other content free to enjoy anytime


Julia Lohmann is a designer, researcher, and currently a professor of practice in Contemporary Design at Aalto University. She is exploring the potential of seaweed as a bio material for design and as a model for how we can engage with the natural world in a more ethical and sustainable way.

In our event she will share her insights of how design can have a positive social and eco-systemic impact in a world in climate crisis. How do we engage and activate people to become change-makers?

@ Central Hub


Jussi Impiö from Demos Helsinki will share his knowledge from Designing Systemic change. Besides being Senior Consultant in future oriented think tank Demos Helsinki, Jussi has a strong background and understanding in design, sustainability in business models, innovation, and in global challenges.

In a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to constantly be prepared to challenge your own favourite truths just by vague hints in the environment.

@ Central Hub

Designer’s greeting @ Central Hub

Designers want to say hi to you, student! This motivational video offers perspectives from the experienced designers where they consider the meaningful future and designer superpowers.

Panel discussion @ Community Hub

In the panel discussion students and designers are considering this tricky question: how to design a meaningful future? A panel discussion with CEO of Young Finnish Design Elisa Luoto, designer Simón Ballen Botero and Healthcare Professional and METES active Ben Gran chaired by Anni Korkman reflected on the notion of future at this uncertain time. How can education prepare for us for what is ahead? How can one keep developing the professional self even during these turbulent times? The panelists also share their tips to keep inspired and on how to create meaning in to doing.

Finnish Design Academy network @ Community Hub

This wall presents the Finland wide university level design education. Find out where you can study fashion design. Or what is the only school offering XR Design? How do all nine schools different from each other?

Podcasts @ Community Hub

Design Weekly: Missä ovat valmistuvan muotoilijan markkinat?
Design Weekly: Why Doen Design Talk Matter? 

Student exhibition area @ Metropolia Hub

  • Lamps: industrial design students from Metropolia
  • Clothes: fashion design students from the University of Lapland
  • XR Design from Metropolia. 

How to participate?

A link to the virtual environment and instruction will be sent on Thursday morning via email to those who have registered to the event. There are still few spots available to the event! Register:

To access the Design Space you will need a computer and the internet access. It’s also nice to have an external mouse, headphones and speakers.

Please note that you need to download the Design Space software to your computer and for that 2GB of free space at your hard drive is recommended.

In collaboration

3D Talo / Design Space


Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society

Young Finnish Design

Changes for the content and schedule are possible. We will update the changes to the Facebook event.

If you have any questions about the event or face any technical issues, please contact us: