Students are able to make their thesis related to topics of the Finnish Design Academy. Some thesis have already completed and more is expecting to become from Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees.

Branding a designer: how to make visible your skills as a designer?
Suvi Laukkanen
Product Design / Savonia / 2020

Aim of the Thesis was to research ways for designers to present their skills and requirements. This Thesis takes a closer look to the current education field and curriculums and then compares them to the current needs of employers. With this comparison and using the findings of education and employer needs I aimed to clarify for the designers on how to create a credible professional profile.

See the full thesis here (in Finnish).

Enabling VR tools for the design process
Aarne Joonas Sillanpää
Industrial Design / Metropolia / 2019

In this thesis, I implemented three different product concepts using VR tools as part of the concept design work. I created 3D-printed character models from the concepts. The ideas for the concepts are derived from Art and Design.

I observed my VR work using design probes to collect data. At the end of my thesis I have three different product concepts on three different scales.

Based on the findings of the VR work and product concepts, I have a well-grounded view of utilizing VR tools as part of the design process. The Findings and opinions in the thesis are from my personal viewpoint. The benefits of VR work depend on the professional background of the designer.

See the full thesis here (in Finnish).

Computer case for VR equipment
Eetu-Kasper Heikkinen
Teollinen muotoilu / Metropolia / 2019

In my thesis, my plan is to design a case for
using and storing VR devices, based on needs of Metropolia XR design. The thesis consists of a research, the design process and observing the final result.

The goal is to design a functional concept
defined by design drivers. The design drivers consists
of the user needs, as well as of technical- and designing requirements. The requirements are defined from the results of the research part of the thesis and from
my own perceptions.

The final result contains an explained concept of the computer case and its features.

See the full thesis here (in Finnish).

Eetu-Kasper Heikkinen, 2019