The project consists of seven parts:

Finding own profiles to each university level design schools in Finland and producing a national profile map.

Producing design studies for a shared platform.

Creating digital learning environments.

Creating solutions for developing students’ completeness for working life and collaboration with their future employers.

Producing year-round schooling opportunities at the field of design.

As an result a national FDA platform, collaboration model and forum will be created.

Recent news

Cumulus Conference Pre-Event: Extending Design Realities 28.5.2019

When: 28 May 2019, 10am–3pm Location: Hämeentie 135 D Extending Design Realities explores the use of rapidly evolving extended reality technology (XR; augmented, virtual and mixed reality) in participatory urban planning to create better participation and enhance urban resilience. The event is full, but possible released tickets will be informed in the Facebook event. “Have …